Preparing your chicken coop and flock for spring for beginner’s


Preparing your chicken coop and flock for spring for beginner’s

07th OF January

The golden yolk of farm fresh eggs or a rooster’s crow are some of the top reasons that people start to raise chickens. Chickens can be a great investment for farmers or individuals who love eating food from natural sources. Starting your own flock is not as hard as it looks. In fact, you could have your own flock squawking in your backyard by the late spring if you follow these tips:


Overestimate the size of your chicken coop

Just like any other pet, chickens need their own space and room to grow. Often chicken owners underestimate the space they need for their flock. If you intend to have chickens for several years, it’s also important to take into consideration the size of future flocks. According to experts, on average, chickens need two square feet of room inside a chicken coop. Outside of the chicken coop, they need at least eight square feet. This number differs between different bird breeds, so check with your supplier to see exactly what your flock will need.


Research what breed of bird you’d like

Chickens are a diverse bunch. Between what color their feathers are to how many eggs they produce, it all depends on what breed of chicken you raise. According to the American Poultry Association, there are more than 120 different varieties of chickens. Depending on why you are raising chickens will determine what breeds are ideal to fill out your flock.


Make sure to stock up

Chickens are typically easy to raise, but there are a few accessories and gadgets that help chicken owners. The basic items needed to outfit a chicken coop are feeders, water containers and nest boxes. The layout of your chicken coop will determine what type of these accessories will serve your flock best.


Raising chickens can be relatively easy if you plan ahead. Knowing how many chickens your coop can adequately fit and what accessories make caring for them easier is half of the battle. Swing by Mimbach Fleet today to get started on planning for your flock this spring.