Reeling in all the ice fishing essentials


Reeling in all the ice fishing essentials

02nd OF December

When wintertime hits, a new season of sports is ushered in. Luckily, it’s easy to get outfitted for all these sports at your local fleet supply store, especially ice fishing. Ice fishing is a favorite pastime of many locals, including youngsters and their elders. Here are the must-haves that should be on the top of your ice fishing supply shopping list:


Warm outdoor wear

It’s necessary to suit up, literally, when it comes to ice fishing. Wearing numerous protective layers will protect fishers from the cold and possible frostbite. Mimbach Fleet has a wide variety of clothing for both men and women. Popular options often chosen by ice fishers are thermals, winter bibs and numerous warm layers. For more warmth, anglers can stow hand warmers into their pockets.


Rod and reel

Fishers cannot use the same fishing pole as they do in the summer months for ice fishing. A shortened rod and reel are used to help detect bites faster and more effectively. Pairing the right rod and reel with some ice fishing electronics will guarantee the angler a plentiful catch.


Ice fishing electronics

When it comes to ice fishing, you can go old school with nothing more than a simple rod and reel, or high-tech and gear yourself with ice fishing electronics. Ice fishing electronics such as underwater cameras, ice flashers and sonar systems help anglers quickly locate fish under the ice. This helps them reel in bigger catches as well as ensure that more swimmers are nibbling at their bait. These accessories definitely bring another level of expertise to the sport.


Ice auger

The last step is to drill a hole in the ice in order to entice the fish with your minions and shiny lures. There are two different types of augers available: electric-powered and manual. Depending on how passionate about ice fishing will determine which style ice auger is up to you. An electric-powered auger is more time-efficient and is ideal for ice anglers who intend to move around and find the ideal fishing spot.


Ice scoop

As you begin to sit and wait for the fish to bite, your ice hole might begin to fill with ice. An ice scoop is necessary to sling out the ice chunks and keep your hole clear and ready for the fish to bite.


Ice fishing shelter

This can tend to be a big-ticket item but is an absolute necessity for avid ice anglers. Ice fishers can simply sit out on the ice unprotected, but that is not ideal for long periods of time and during unpredictable weather changes. There are a wide variety of pop-up fish houses in addition to more permanent structures.


To view all your ice house and ice fishing options head over to Mimbach Fleet today.