The quickest DIY fix to make you fall in love with your home


The quickest DIY fix to make you fall in love with your home

27th OF January

When it comes to updating an old-dated piece of furniture or a home that appears dinghy, a coat of paint can do wonders. Sometimes, there’s no need for over-the-top DIY projects, but a simple coat of paint to transform a space.


What colors are popular?

Each year, paint companies release their colors of the year. This year, Pantone’s color of the year is Classic Blue. This color represents calm, confidence and connection. To many of us, this color is an homage to a simpler, more grounder time in our lives. Even as we’re accelerating towards progress, classic blue strikes that perfect balance between the old and the new.


This year, Valspar also released their colors of the year. Unlike other paint color companies, Valspar releases 12 colors to represent the coming of a new calendar year. Yet there is some overlap in these colors. Many of Valspar’s chosen colors tap into certain emotions including luxury, well-being and nature. Colors chosen by Valspar that inspire luxury are Winter Calm, Secluded Garden, Bombay Pink and Crushed Out. Well-being and health were also a common theme among the colors of the year with Mint Whisper, Canyon Earth, Grey Brook, Tempered Safe, Desert Fortress and Utterly Blue. Finally, connected with nature was another common trait between numerous colors including Pale Powder and Secret Moss.


What color would go best in my space?

Different colors emote different moods in a space. Homeowners can amplify those feelings by adequately pairing colors together. For instance, orange seems like an energetic, playful hue to most. On the other hand, green comes off as stable, prosperous and down to earth. Deciding what atmosphere you want your room to exude can help you narrow down the color palette you should choose from.


If you’re still stumped, consult with our paint color experts at Mimbach Fleet. There are hundreds of colors and shades to choose from. We don’t doubt that you’ll be able to find a color to spring life back into your home.